12 Foot Memorial Monument Sign, NBA All-Star Magic Johnson and NHL Playoffs



This free standing, 3-dimensional memorial sign is 11''9" tall. It was designed to commemorate historically significant events held at the Capital Centre in Largo, Maryland.

This piece celebrates Ervin "Magic" Johnson's career on one side. A photo of 'Magic' is shown above a caption that reads,
"Ervin 'Magic' Johnson's illustrious career at the Capital Centre: HS Senior played in the All-Star Capital Classic (1977), LA Laker rookie started for the West in the NBA All-Star Game (1980), opens Starbucks and Magic Johnson Theatres (2004)".
The other side shows a photo of an NHL game with the trivia tidbit "The sixth longest game in NHL History occurred during the 1987 playoffs when the New York Islanders edged out the Capitals after four over times." The memorial was salvaged from a pavilion at the Boulevard at the Capital Centre, a shopping center in Largo, Maryland. A frame made of powder coated steel tubing supports the visually striking elements of the sign, which include the illuminated header that reads "Cap Center Moments" above the body of the memorial, which presents the photo and historical details.

The sign is comprised of vinyl decals applied to red powder coated sheet aluminum panels that are attached to both sides of the piece. The aluminum is attached to a frame comprised of a pair of upright lattice style beams made from tube steel. The larger gauge tubing has black finish, while the inner, zig-zagged, steel has yellow finish.

These beams extend upwards at opposing angles from a 15" square mounting plate to which they are welded. The mounting plate has 4, 3/4", bolts for fastening to a surface. An aluminum box at the very top of the piece reads "CAP CTR" and has an internal light fixture. The lower aluminum box reads. "MOMENTS", and contains a pair of fluorescent lights to backlight the word on either side. These will likely need rewiring to function as much of the wiring was removed or cut upon salvaging.

Condition: This sign is in good salvaged condition with cosmetic flawing, such as rust formation in areas where the finish has worn, crackled decals, and scuffing and scratching throughout. The top of the "CAP CTR" light box is missing and will need replacement.

History: This sign was salvaged from the Boulevard at the Capital Centre, a shopping center in Largo, Maryland. This mall and items from it are featured on Season 11, Episode 5, of the Diy Network show, "Salvage Dawgs".

Weight: 418 lbs. Item Measurements: 46.63(L) x 27.25(W) x 143(H)

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