16" x 8" Tile, Gray/Periwinkle



Modern ceramic tile measuring 16" x 8" with a light-gray-periwinkle glossy finish. The periwinkle color in the tile is very faint and, as we have noticed, only visible in certain lighting. This tile has a finely grooved back, enabling a strong bond with the surface to which it is applied. jPlease contact us directly at onlinesales@blackdogsalvage.com for shipping costs of multiple tiles. This tile was salvaged from a house in Martinsville, Virginia, built in 1940 by architect William Roy Wallace. Unfortunately, this house fell victim to an electrical fire and was condemned. As a result, the Dawgs were enlisted by the owners to tackle this sentimental job. This property and items from it are featured on Season 10, Episode 9, of the Diy Network show, "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 4 lbs. Item Measurements: 16(L) x 8(W) x 0.34(H) As seen on Season 10, Episode 9.

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