1930's - 40's Vintage Cissel Double Head Industrial Laundry Iron



This vintage steam powered double head puff iron was manufactured by W. M. Cissel in Louisville, Kentucky in the 1930's-40's. It features beautiful cast iron elements and vintage detail. The iron is equipped with fabric covered shoulder and sleeve bucks on 9" tall, 2 1/2" diameter, perforated steel shafts. It has a steel base that is powdercoated gray. A lever with a wooden handle and fabric press pad is present above each buck. These are used to press items of clothing against the bucks. 4 rectangular cast-iron pedals below the unit are used to control steam and other functions of the puff iron.

Condition: Good for age and use. The gray powder coat steel base is in good sturdy condition. The finish is worn off in areas showing surface rust below.

History: This puff iron was salvaged from a former dry cleaning and laundry facility in Roanoke, Virginia.

Weight: 122 lbs.,
Measurements: 45(L) x 18.75(W) x 53.5(H) Height (with levers lowered): 45(H)

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