1951 Film Noir Mystery Poster Banner, 82", "The 13th Letter", Otto Preminger

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This banner-sized poster features the 1951 movie, "The 13th Letter", a film noir mystery by Twentieth Century Fox, directed by Otto Preminger. The movie is about a series of "poison pen letters", sent to disrupt the lives of citizens in a small Canadian town. The poster is printed on paperboard with a vivid color scheme and a dramatic film still of the featured actors, Linda Darnell and Charles Boyer.

This poster was distributed directly to theatres in 1951 by the National Screen Service Corporation. Intended only for theatre use, the original stamp shown on the poster reads, "This is the property of National Screen Service Corp., licensed for display only in connection with the exhibition of this picture at your theatre. Please pack and return immediately after the close of the current week's show."

Also shown on the left margin of the poster is the NSS Stock Number "51-132". This number was used for inventory management to easily store and find promotional items. The number "51" is the year 1951, and "132" shows that it was the 132nd movie assigned for the year.

Condition: Very good for age and use. This poster has been stored against cardboard and partially protected by shrink-wrap. The poster is unbent with some dog-eared corners and one small 2" fold at the lower, middle edge. No water damage, repairs or fading. All condition issues photographed.

Item Measurements: 82" x 24"

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