32” School Bell 1903 Catholic Church School, Pittsburgh, PA



This antique school bell was salvaged from St. Michael's Catholic School of Pius Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The 32" bell, manufactured by the H.Y. Stucksted BFG Co. in St. Louis, Missouri, includes the bell, wheel, stand and yolk.

The bell was dedicated to the school in 1903, as shown on raised lettering cast on the side of the bell:

"H.Y Stucksted B.F. Company, St. Louis MO, St. Helena", with the verse: "To call the child to church in time I chime, When joy and mirth are on the wing I ring. When we lament a departed soul I toll, Donated Jan. 1st, 1903 by John and Theresa Sell in memory of their daughter Helen Departed"

The H.Y. Stucksted B.F.G. Company of St. Louis manufactured bells under this name from 1892 -1931.

Condition: Expected surface oxidation and patina. The clapper is missing.

The salvage of the school was featured in season 6, episode 1, of the DIY network show "Salvage Dawgs".

Size: 40.5"H x 44"D x 44"W

Weight: 550 lbs

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