38" Stringing Pulley Block



Stringing snatch block with a 38" diameter, 3" wide, aluminum sheave. A stringing block is used to distribute wire or cable used in the transmission of information or electricity (e.g. telephone and power lines). This block was likely used in a marine application such as laying underwater cable. A nylon band lines the groove of the sheave to protect the rope or cable as well as the pulley itself. The block, with a regular shackle connection, is composed of steel and has a coating of gray paint that has chipped in areas revealing the rust below. This pulley block was salvaged off the coast of Fernandina Beach, Florida, with the help of a marine salvage diving company. Watch our very own Mike Whiteside take a dive for this treasure, and more, in Season 9, Episode 13, of the DIY Network show "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 194 lbs. Item Measurements: 39.5(L) x 10.5(W) x 52(H) As seen on Season 9, Episode 13.

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