55.5 Foot Steel Flagpole, Salvaged - Welded Construction



This steel flagpole coated in a metallic finish with a 13" diameter hollow metal ball finial. With a tiered, welded construction, this flagpole stood 55' 8" when fully erect. It has been cut into two pieces for transportation and some of the height may be lost once repaired and reconnected. The bottom section measures 335 1/2" and the upper measures 322".

Condition: Sturdy, straight flagpole. Some surface rust and pitting is present where the finish has worn as a result of years of exposure to the elements. The ball finial needs repair or replacement: hole in top, split at seam and allover dents.

History: This staff was salvaged from the former Moose Lodge in Jamestown, New York. This building, built in the late 1800's, was previously the mansion of John and Sarah Galloway, parents of the fabled "Lady in Glass". In 1932, the property was acquired by the local Moose Lodge Chapter which incorporated multiple additions to the grand structure. This building, and items from it, are featured on Season 11, Episode 2, of the DIY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs".
Overall Measurements: 13(L) x 13(W) x 669"(H)
Height (feet): 55'8"
3 sections:
Base: 5 1/8" OD; 5" ID x 335.5"h
Top: 4" OD; 3" ID x 322"h (top platform for ball is 3.5" diameter)
Ball: 13" x 13" x 11.5"h - Condition issue (see photos and "Condition" description) 565 lbs total Upper Section: 195 lbs Lower Section: 370 lbs

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