Vintage Piedmont Airlines Door, Airstair Door, 69" x 51", Airplane Door



This vintage Piedmont Airlines airplane door is an abstract, organic shape and measures 69" in height. Logo residue on the outside of the door reveal that it was once installed on an aircraft owned by Piedmont Airlines, which operated from 1948-1989.
The aluminum door is an interesting, atomic age shape, which could narrow the era of the aircraft door to 1940-60's.

This door could be used as an indestructable playhouse or backyard "spaceship" door for the young or young at heart. It could also be repurposed as an interesting table or desk top. Weight: 77 lbs.
Item Measurements: 69(L) x 1.5(W) x 51(H)

Condition: Good for age and use. The door shows expected surface scuffs and scratches. Minimal rust on the hinges. Solid, sturdy construction.

Piedmont History: Piedmont Airlines was a United States airline from 1948 to 1989, when it was acquired by and merged into USAir. The original Piedmont logo was "Piedmont Airlines" with the distinctive "Speedbird" (three upright red wings). All piedmont crafts were called “Pacemakers”, with the meaning that ‘Piedmont Sets the Pace.’ Each plane’s name was painted on its nose: Buckeye Pacemaker, Tidewater Pacemaker, Appalachian Pacemaker.

About Airstair Doors: Before the introduction of jet bridges, passengers normally boarded an aircraft by walking along the ground- level and climbing a set of removable stairs, or airstairs on aircraft. the stairs are often built into the side of a clam- style door.

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