Antique Bag Filling Machine, Patented 1880's, 8.5 Feet Tall, Flour Mill Salvage



This antique bag filler was salvaged from a granary in Virginia, built in 1900. The machine stands 8.5 feet in height and has a wood frame with a cast iron chain, handle and beveled gearbox. Four patent dates are painted on the hopper, dating the machine to the late-1880's. The ingenious, belt-driven contraption was likely operated by two people working in tandem. The operator would use a hand wheel, a hand lever and a foot pedal to adjust the height of the workbench, the rate of flow, and the angle of the nozzle. The second worker would remove filled bags of flour and load empty bags into position.
This complex machine is still functional.

Salvage History: The bag filler machine was salvaged from the Cosby Brothers Mill in Grottoes, Virginia. Built in 1900, this mill produced flour for over 7 decades. The Cosby Bros. Mill salvage was featured on the DIY Network Show, "Salvage Dawgs", Season 8, Episode 8.

Measurements: 50"D x 41"W x 103.25"H,
Weight: 664 lbs.
Maker's Marks: "38686" Stencilled on the frame. Hopper body reads, "Pat'd. Nov. 28, 18--, May 13, 1883, Jan 6, 18-- and Feb 3, 1885" (some figures are difficult to decipher due to paint fading and loss).

Condition: Good for age and use. Expected allover surface scruffs, dings, scratches, patina and paint loss. Works! A beautiful invention from the American Reconstruction Era, or "Gilded Age".

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