Antique Cast Iron Round Bottom Crucible, 45 Gal, 31"W

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This large cast iron crucible measures 30" in height and 31" in diameter. It has a flat edge with 2 vertical hooks for hanging. Cast and sprue marks are not detected. The base of the pot is smooth, indicating the iron entered the mold from the side, a casting process dating from 1875 to present. The lip shows "5-45" in relief, likely noting the size of the kettle in gallons (45).
This crucible is not food safe as we don't know what metals have been in it, but it could be used in your garden or landscape design as a planter or a yard feature.

Measurements: 30"H x 31"W x 31"D,
Weight: 300 lbs.

Condition: Good condition with expected surface rust, scuffs, pitting, and loss of finish. Of the 2 cauldrons available, one lip has 2 broken areas (photographed). The other cauldron does not have significant edge breaks.

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