Set of 4 Antique Pine Timber Roof Trusses 32' Span x 9' Virginia Stable Salvage



This set of 4 antique roof trusses was salvaged from the Homestead Stables in Hot Springs, Virginia. Each pine truss measures 378" x 8" x 104.75".

The salvage of the trusses were featured in Season 1, Episode 9 of the DiY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs".

Condition: Structurally solid, surface oxidation.

378" x 8" x 104.75" (31' 5" x 8" x 6' 25")

History: In 2013, The Black Dog Salvage crew headed to Hot Springs, Virginia to salvage The Homestead Preserves Stables, located on the former property of The Homestead Resort.
In the early 1900's, the original stables were lost in a fire and rebuilt. At this time, stables were critical to hotel operations as guests' transportation depended on horses. The building, known as 'The Livery' stored guests' carriages and horses, and was later utilized as motor service during the era of train transportation.
The hotel also provided equestrian activities such as fox hunting, trail riding, dressage and jumping.
In the 1980's, a modern equestrian facility was built on the hotel grounds and 'the old stables' served as storage and fell into disrepair.
In 2003, The Homestead sold the property as part of a 13,000 acre land sale, and 9,000 acres were transferred to The Nature Conservancy to establish the Warm Springs Mountain Preserve. 800 acres were put into a conservation easement with the Virginia Outdoor Foundation and 2,500 acres were set aside for the Homestead Preserve.
By 2012, Bath County declared it a 'nuisance structure' because it was unsafe to occupy. It was decided to demolish the structure to make way for future development on the site.

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