BDS Charcuterie Board, Medium

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Live edge charcuterie boards made right here in our Shop. Perfect for entertaining! With a handle for easy carrying or hanging when not in use. You'll want to display this beauty! Photos are representative of the variety we have. Please feel free to contact us with questions before ordering. The serving area sizes range between 112 to 152 square inches and each weighs approximately 5 lbs. We recommend purchasing all-natural and food-safe Emmet's Elixir Wood Conditioner (see item #404) with your charcuterie board to maintain its beautiful finish. We make each unique charcuterie board from Appalachian hardwoods. You will need to care for it. Clean it with warm water and a little bit of dish soap. When dry, apply mineral oil or cutting board conditioner. Let sit for an hour and wipe off excess oil with rag or paper towel. Do this for your first several uses and your board will season beautifully. The grain may rise. If it does, lightly sand it in the direction of the grain with 220 grit sand paper until smooth. After sanding, clean and oil your board as described above. We hope you will enjoy your charcuterie board for years to come. Many Thanks from the BDS Wood Shop!

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