Black Dog Furniture Paint - Quart



Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint with Woodcraft® Color Description: the signature color of Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint. A true, deep velvety black that can be use on its own or be mixed with any of our other colors to create a deeper hue or shade. Paint Facts: - Low VOCs - Water Based - Low Odor - Mixable Palette: add white to create a tint/lighten any color, add black to create a shade/darken any color. Add color's complement to dull color - Can be used over: varnish, lacquer, poly, paint, stain, bare wood, metal, and glass - Must clean piece before painting - stripping, sanding, and priming are not required, but you must thoroughly clean your piece using a cleaner that does not contain silicone (such as Simple Green or Krud Kutter) - No priming needed - sand any chipped or scratched areas - Dries to a smooth matte finish - Both the paint and the top coat (Guard Dog) can be sprayed or brushed - Paint and Top Coat are self-leveling, i.e. no brush marks - One coat coverage, but if going over a dark stain or color may require two coats - Let the paint cure for a minimum of two to three hours before top coating (in humid weather 24 hours is preferred) Don't Forget! - Finish your piece with our Guard Dog Furniture Paint Protector, an acrylic polyurethane available in either Matte or Satin finish.

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