Book, Smaller Houses of the 1920s



From a peak era in American domestic architecture comes this survey of homes from across the country. Its wealth of styles features both new American designs and traditional European-inspired buildings of wood, stucco, concrete, brick, and stone. The 130 captioned black-and-white illustrations and 55 floor plans offer external and internal views for a full perspective on the houses' architectural ingenuity and originality. One of the most striking features of these homes is their extreme variety in terms of efficient design. The plans combine a limited number of units into a workable whole, without sacrifice of convenience or economy. Blending practicality and charm, these imaginative designs will inspire professional architects, amateur builders, and anyone interested in the ways American architects adapted Old World designs and added elements of native style to produce a new and vibrant home building idiom. Reprint of the Little, Brown, and Company, Boston, 1927 edition

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