Book, The Most Popular Homes of the Twenties

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Based on a rare 1925 catalog, this showcase of one of the most beloved eras of American architecture features floor plans, construction details, and photos of twenty-six homes. Styles range from English cottages and Spanish bungalows to Dutch colonials, New England farmhouses, and Italianate designs.
More than 250 illustrations, and 21 color plates, complement the text, which contains detailed descriptions of exteriors and interiors. Supplementary articles explain how to convert porches into living space, install plumbing, and build garages. Other home-improvement suggestions offer tips on landscaping gardens and designing interior woodwork. Daniel D. Reiff, an authority on antique house-plan books, offers an informative introduction that places these authentic views of early-twentieth-century American architecture into a wider context. - See more at:

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