Bowling Alley Lane, Habitat, <93"



Mix of pine and maple bowling alley sections salvaged from the former All Star Lanes Bowling Alley on Melrose Avenue in Roanoke, Virginia. Wood species, appearance, and condition vary per piece. Some are composed completely of either pine or maple, and some are a combination of the two. In 1998 All Star Lanes closed its doors and was converted to a bingo hall. As a result, the lanes were covered in carpeting. The carpets have since been removed, leaving behind a layer of adhesive which is still present on the sections. Unfortunately, the adhesive obscures the top surface of the lanes, we are unable to see which pieces have markings and which do not. The adhesive can be removed by sanding, or by laying wet towels on the glue overnight (an iron can be used to accelerate the process). These lanes were salvaged by and acquired from Habitat for Humanity, as the facility was prepared to become the new Habitat ReStore and warehouse. This item consists of all lengths 50"-93". Approximately 42" wide. Lengths and weights vary per board.

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