Bowling Ball Cleaning & Polishing Machine, DBA Ballmaster, MCM 1962

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This automatic bowling ball cleaning and polishing machine was manufactured by DBA Products in Deerfield, Illinois in 1962. It was recently salvaged from The Omni Homestead Resort Bowling Alley, in Hot Springs, Virginia.

The machine is coin-operated and features a simple design with graphic machine decoration. The body of the unit includes a ball staging platform, coin slot, selector knob and ball cleaning cavity. The ball is placed beneath the hinged door with a tinted window. A selector knob on top of the machine gives the option to polish colored plastic, or black rubber bowling balls. When coins are entered, the machine spins the ball against buffing pads and rollers.

Condition: The body of this machine is in good condition, with strong graphics and a sturdy construction. The control knob and instructional plaques are present. Surface scuffs and scratches are present, as expected with age and use. The mechanics will need work, as the machine is not in working condition. The power cord and buffing wheel need replacement. The condition of the internal machinery and wiring is unknown.

History: This polisher was salvaged from the Omni Homestead Resort Bowling Alley in Hot Springs, Virginia.

Weight: 110 lbs.
Measurements: 29.5(L) x 15.5(W) x 35.5(H)

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