Cabinet, Dish Dryer



Hotpoint, Metal, two door electric Dish Dryer. Not all dishes were able to go into the dishwasher in 1949. This machine was created to help with the drying and sanitizing of all of hand washed items. Instead of drying with a towel, you placed the dishes, pots and pans in this contraption after hand washing. Shut the door, turn on the timer and in no time the dishes were dry and ready to be put away.This piece was salvaged from the circa 1949 Ludwig Mansion of Berks County, PA. The kitchen in this mansion was a complete Hotpoint kitchen including the cabinets and appliances. Inquire as to the availability of the other components. The Ludwig Mansion is featured in season 7, episode 2 of the DiY network show "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 162 lbs., 34.75H x 28D x 25W

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