Exquisite Carved Jerusalem Stone Bathroom Vanity Sink, Estate Salvage 57.5" w



Hand carved stone bathroom vanity console with mirror. This vanity is composed of Jerusalem stone; a type of limestone commonly found in and around Jerusalem, used in many examples of ancient construction in the region. This vanity breaks down into 9 pieces; the counter with integrated sink basin and apron, backsplash, mirrored section, 2 rosettes, 2 corbeled legs, and a broken piece of molding. Exquisite carved motifs and details include a clamshell, rosettes, scrolls, plumes, and depictions of acanthus foliage. Parts of this sink will need repair. A piece of stone has chipped from the front left corner of the counter, and the top right platform of one leg. A piece of molding upon which the mirrored section rests has broken in 2 places. These can be repaired with a sturdy adhesive. Minor scuffs and chips are present in areas along the edges and corners of the stone. Hardware is not included; however, there are 3 precut holes for plumbing situated just behind the basin of the sink. Please contact us for more information regarding sizing, assembly, and any other inquiries. This vanity was salvaged from a Mediterranean-style estate in Charlotte, North Carolina, as the property undergoes extensive renovation. Watch the crew go to work on this luxurious home in season 11 episode 3 of the DIY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 1300 lbs. Item Measurements: 61.5(L) x 26(W) x 77.75(H) .

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