Cast Iron Storefront



A rare find!! This arcade-style cast-iron storefront was manufactured in 1868 by T. R. Pullis & Brothers of St. Louis. Currently, this storefront is in multiple pieces. 2 wide, square columns, 2 narrow, rectangular columns, 4 lengths of cornice with dentil modillions, 3 structural lintels, 3 architrave panels, 2 column bases with maker's marks, and other various pieces. When assembled, the square columns are situated on the outer sides of the façade. The narrow, rectangular columns are situated between the square columns, creating 3 openings. The 3 structural lintels rest atop the columns, spanning the openings. The lintels are concealed by the 3 architrave panels forming an arcade of 3 flat arches. The soffit of the center architrave panel has a depth of 13 ¼", while the two panels flanking it measure 3" deep. Integrated ornamental trim projects from the top of each column and runs along the bottom face of the architrave panels. The 4 cornice panels bolt to the top of the architrave panels. Above the inner columns, two rosettes are fastened to the face of the architrave panels, completing the façade. This storefront is in good condition relative to it's age. All pieces have a coating of surface rust; though, the structures are sound. One rectangular column has a crack running up the top third of the left side which can be repaired. 8 modillions have detached from the cornice sections, 4 are missing, and 4 are broken or cracked, some of which can be repaired. The corners of some sections have dulled or chipped. Finally, there are 2 corner column bases with nameplates; one is in good shape, the other has broken and needs repair. This store front is a beautiful piece of post American Industrial Revolution history. These classic facades are becoming scarcer by the day due to redevelopment or neglect. When cleaned up and painted, cast-iron storefronts are eye-catching and extremely attractive. Whether it is used in an interior or exterior space, this charming façade is sure to draw in passers-by. Please refer to the photos for an architectural rendering of the structure. This Storefront was salvaged in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and is featured in Season 4, Episode 13, of the DIY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs".

Size: 178.5"H X 21.5" X 308"

Weight: 6131 lbs

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