Classic 12 Foot Tall Double Street Lamp Post, Cast Aluminum, Fluted, Salvage

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This 12 foot tall, double light post was salvaged from a collector in southwest Virginia. The 6" post is slightly tapered with clean lines and subtle fluting. At the base, an 8 x 8" access door allows for anchor bolt and wire access. Sockets and wire included.

Assembly: The pole section is a single unit. The top "T" section is removable, and secured to the pole with 3 pairs of set screws. Each light base is also removable as well as the finial atop the center.
Base: 20" W x 20" D
Top: 60.5" W (arm) x 9" D
Pole: 6" W x 6" D
Overall height is 144" H

Condition: Very good condition. Straight and structurally sound, showing slight surface scuffs and scratches as expected with age and exposure to the elements. One larger scratch on lower section at the base Untested, not guaranteed to work.
This lamp post may need to be altered for delivery. Please contact us with any questions.

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