Corrugated Wire Glass Amber, 56.5"



Amber colored corrugated chicken wire glass with copper capping on bottom. This style of glass gained popularity during the Industrial Revolution because of its durability, especially for overhead use because it does not shatter when broken and is a fire retardant. Today the glass has seen a surge in modern use as room dividers, canopies, shower stalls, restaurants; the possibilities are endless! 48 lbs, 56.5H x 1.5D x 27.5W Corrugated chicken wire glass is no longer in production and the replicas made today pale in comparison. Please inquire about other sizes and quantities available. This glass was salvaged from a locomotive repair and maintenance facility in Clifton Forge, Virginia, featured in season 8 episode 11 of the DiY Network show “Salvage Dawgs”. Weight: 48 lbs, 56.5H x 1.5D x 20.75W

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