CrabCoat Marine Finish, Quart



Can you use Black Dog Furniture Paint on exterior furniture? YES! But you must use an exterior top coat to protect your painted piece. Whether it be a planter, your front door, or your lawn furniture you must use a top coat intended for exterior use to seal the paint. We carry CrabCoat Marine Grade Exterior Top Coat for this purpose. CrabCoat is made in Mountain City, TN by Crystalac Products. CrabCoat resists water, sun, and mildew, is easy to apply, and environmentally safe. It dries to the touch in 30 minutes. You can recoat in two to four hours. Soap and water clean up. It can be brushed or sprayed. Never shake, always stir. Several coats are required for use on outside projects as the sun will break down one layer a year. We suggest three to five coats initially, and then replace a coat every one to two years to replenish and protect your project. When sealing items for exterior use you must completely seal the entire piece. If you only hit the surfaces exposed to the elements, say a table top, moisture will seep into the underside of the table and push the top coat up and off. Remember to make sure you completely cover the whole piece in CrabCoat. This is true for any exterior top coat. CrabCoat is not intended for use on wood decks. Quart size, satin finish

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