Aluminum Commercial Door, 35.5"



Commercial aluminum full glass door. This wide stile and rail door has a 24 ¾" W x 67" H pane of clear glass in the center. The aluminum components of this door have a smooth metallic finish. The exterior side of this door has an aluminum rectangular offset pull. The interior side has an aluminum push bar with a concealed latch. A 2-arm, vandal resistant door closer is situated in the top right corner if the interior side. 2 aluminum flat bars are fastened horizontally across the lower half of the glass for added reinforcement. Actual width of this door is 35 5/8", depth including door handles is 9". This door was salvaged from a department store in Roanoke, Virginia, that closed its doors in early 2017. Items from this salvage are featured on Season 9, Episode 8, of the DiY Network show "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 100 lbs. Item Measurements: 35.5(L) x 1.8(W) x 83.5(H) As seen on Season 9, Episode 8.

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