Electric Panelboard, Eaton - 224 Amp, 208Y/120Volt, 3 Ph/4 Wire

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Cat. #: PRL1A 224 Amps 208Y/120 Volt 3 Phase/4 Wire Current Configuration: 20x 1 Pole 20 Amp Breakers, 5x 2 Pole 20 Amp Breakers, 2x 3 Pole 50 Amp Breakers, 1x 225 Amp Main Breaker. 42 Total Slots.

Manufactured in 2014 by Eaton, this panelboard is in good salvaged condition with light cosmetic wear. It has not been tested since salvaging and is not guaranteed to be functional. Specs are listed above. This panelboard was salvaged from the Boulevard at the Capital Centre, a shopping center in Largo, Maryland. This mall and items from it are featured on Season 11, Episode 4, of the DIY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs".

Weight: 135 lbs. Item Measurements: 20.5(L) x 6(W) x 60(H)

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