Early 1900s American Encaustic Fireplace Tile, 1.5" x3" Vivid Bright Green, Tan



This 1.5" x 3" tile was manufactured by American Encaustic Tiling Company between 1908-1935. The tiles feature a mottled green glaze with white and tan accents. The back of each tile is marked "AE Tile Co".

Condition: This tile is in very good condition with beautiful allover light crazing, minor scuffs, chips and mortar residue.

Item Measurements: 3(L) x 1.5(W) x 0.5(H))

American Encaustic Tile History: The American Encaustic Tiling Company was founded in Zanesville, Ohio, in 1875. Their tiles were intended to compete with the English tiles that were selling in the United States for use in fireplaces and other architectural locations. By 1890, they were the largest tile company in the world, and the small town of Zanesville nearly tripled in size over a thirty year period as more people found work with the company. The firm closed in 1935 and was then reopened in 1937 as the Shawnee Pottery. [wikipedia]

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