Industrial Steel Red Fire Door, Track & Rollers, 1900's Salvage, 5' H x 4.75' W



This incredible, industrial fire door was salvaged from a historic furniture plant in Lexington, North Carolina. The vivid, bright red door measures 4.8 feet wide, 5 feet tall. It includes 105" of box track and rolling hardware.

The door is painted red on one side and dark green on the opposing side. With its vivid color, authentic industrial appeal and bold size, this door could be used as a door, room partition, headboard or as large piece of wall art.

History: The door was salvaged from a structure known as Lexington Furniture, Plant 1. Today, Lexington Furniture has consolidated this building's processes with a second plant and are still in business. The oldest parts of LFI Plant 1 date back to 1901 when it was then operated by Dixie Furniture. The door was salvaged from a section of the plant that was undergoing renovation.

Condition: Authentic and expected dents, dings, scuffs, paint loss and patina.

The salvage of Lexington Furniture was featured on season 8, episode 2 of the DIY network show, "Salvage Dawgs".

Weight: 205 lbs,
Measurements: 61.75H x 2.25D x 56.5W.
Track measurements: overall length - 105". 2 sections: 72" long & 33"long, 7.1"h x 2.625"d.

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