Flat Files, Wood, 20 Drawer, 49.25"(W) x 31.75"(D) x 65.25"(H)

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Salvaged from the Norfolk and Southern rail yard, this twenty drawer oak flat file cabinet has been around since the late 1800's. It features copper plated drawer pulls with brass tag plates, and the original industrial cast iron double casters. The cabinet is missing trim molding on the bottom left and right of the cabinet.
This piece is perfect for storing artwork or documents, and can even be used as a large jewelry cabinet!
Weight: 470 lb, Item Measurements: 49.25(L) x 31.75(W) x 65.25(H).
Condition: What a beauty! This sturdy antique cabinet has the expected nicks and scratches in the wood for a piece this old. Trim molding is missing from the bottom of the cabinet on both sides.

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