"Fol-Da-Tank" Portable Folding Frame Water Tank



This Fol-Da-Tank brand portable folding frame water tank was used by firefighters to aid in supplying water in situations where access is limited, while increasing firefighting capabilities on the scene of a fire. This tank is comprised of a 20 oz. heavy duty vinyl liner on a hinged, collapsible, steel tube frame with worn metallic finish, attached by a thin rope threaded through eye holes along the top of the liner and wound around the frame. When fully opened, the tank measures 123"(L) x 123"(W) x 29 1/4"(H), and 123"(L) x 11"(W) x 29 1/4"(H) when collapsed. This piece is in good salvaged condition. It has not been tested for water tightness. This tank was salvaged from the historic Fire Station No. 1 in Downtown Roanoke, Virginia. This station was one of the longest continually operating in Virginia; in use from 1907, until 2007, when a replacement facility was opened. This firehouse and items from it are featured on Season 11, Episode 11, of the DIY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 117 lbs. Item Measurements: 123(L) x 123(W) x 29.25(H) As seen on Season 11, Episode 11.

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