Glass and Metal Double Door Set, 6 Horizontal Lites, 95.625"H

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Set of 2 French doors, each with 6 panes of wavy glass and ornate brass hardware. The interior side of the doors are painted a pale green, while the exterior is coated in crazed, flaking white paint.
This set is in good salvaged condition. Minor dents, scratches and scuffs are present throughout. Discolored finish is present along the top rails of the interior sides of the doors. The exterior sides of the doors have moderate paint loss due to exposure to the elements over a long period.
Weight: 90 lbs. (combined)
Item Measurements
Overall: 60.625(L) x 1.5(W, add 2" for handles, 0.875 for astragal) x 95.63(H)
Left Door (Viewing from interior side): 31(L, including astragal) x 1.5(W) x 95.625(H)
Right Door: 30(L) x 1.5(W) x 95.625(H)

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