Gothic Sanctuary Pendant Light



Beautiful gothic pendant light with a single socket. This 6 sided light hung in the sanctuary of East Ben Evangelical Church in East Bend NC. It has a steel frame and chain with a faux aged copper or bronze finish. Textured milk glass panes are held in the frame by small copper tabs on the interior. A 12 3/4" long chain extends from the top of the pendant and leads to a 2 3/8" tall, 4 3/4" diameter steel ceiling canopy with aged copper or bronze finish. The canopy and top of the pendant are graced with embossed rope decoration. This light is in good condition with minor rust formation in areas on the frame. The wiring is outdated and will likely need replacement. Weight: 10 lbs. Item Measurements: 10.5(L) x 10.5(W) x 24(H)

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