Door In Jamb, 32" x 89", Gothic Arch, 1892 Church Salvage

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This beautiful gothic style door was salvaged from the 1892 Greene Memorial United Methodist Church in Roanoke, Virginia. The door comes in original jamb, measuring 32 inches wide and 89 inches tall. Each side of the door features a Gothic arch style panel over 2 vertical panels. One side shows the original stained wood finish, the opposite side has been painted white. Original hinges included.

History: This door was salvaged from Greene Memorial United Methodist Church. The Gothic stone church was erected on 2nd Street in Roanoke, Virginia in 1892 and is still open today.

Weight: 94 lbs.
Item Measurements in jamb: 32(L) x 5(W) x 89(H)
Door Measurements: 87.5"(H) x 29.75"(W) x 1.75"(D)

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