Hays Dry-Type Portable Gauge



This unique portable dry-type gauge, manufactured by The Hays Corporation, is used to measure water levels up to 5". To measure, the rubber hose provided is connected to a barb fitting at the top of the aluminum housing. The copper probe is removed from the side of the housing and connected to the loose end of the hose, then submerged in water to gain a reading. This piece is in good condition cosmetically, with some wear and tear to the black finish of the housing. Unfortunately, the rubber hose will need to be replaced, as years of exposure to the elements has caused it to dry-rot. This unit has not been tested for functionality. This gauge was salvaged from the Mayor J Harold Grady, a 6000 GPM (gallon per minute) fireboat built in 1960, serving Baltimore, Maryland, from 1961 until it was decommissioned in 2007. This fireboat and items from it are featured on Season 10, Episode 8, of the Diy Network show, "Salvage Dawgs". Weight: 5 lbs. Item Measurements: 4(L) x 5.25(W) x 8.75(H) As seen on Season 10, Episode 8.

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