Distressed Vintage Ironwood Pallet Coffee Table, 44" square Salvaged Pallet Wood



Made from two salvaged ironwood brick drying pallets, this sturdy, solid wood table will add an authentic element to an indoor living space, veranda or sun room. Designed and created by our woodshop experts, this table is both beautiful and built to last. The ironwood pallets are banded in metal and show an authentic, original patina from years of use in the firing stage of brick making. When making bricks, the pallets were first soaked in water to prevent catching fire in the kiln. Then, raw, molded clay bricks were staged upon the pallets and sent through the kiln to be dried.
The base of the table is strenthened by a metal cross bar stretcher between the legs.

Table Condition: Very good. Solid, sturdy construction. Ironwood pallet shows authentic patina, distressed scuffs and scratches as expected with age and use.

Weight: 193 lbs.
Item Measurements: 43.75(L) x 43.75(W) x 18(H) .

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