"Jet Line" Line-Up Light Table



Jet Line, model RR31, precision line-up table manufactured in the late 1960's by NuArc Company Inc. This table is used in the commercial printing process to line-up elements of a print layout accurately and efficiently. This ensures a clean, attractive, and uniform finished product. This table utilizes 3 F25T12 lamps to project light through the 24" x 31" opaque glass workspace. 2 straight-edges positioned perpendicular to one another ride on heavy duty gears connected to gear racks. A crank on the base of the table allows the angle of the top to be raised or lowered when used. Situated beside the crank is a single locking drawer containing original pamphlets (catalogs & "How-To's") dated 1969, a key is included. This table is in good condition cosmetically. It is not currently operational, as the power cord has been cut. The glass work surface has a few pieces of tape stuck to the surface; likely for protection during storage. This light table was salvaged from the former location of Roanoke Printing Company in downtown Roanoke, Virginia, as the circa 1929 building is prepared to be converted to lofts. Weight: 425 lbs. Item Measurements: 48.5(L) x 45(W) x 44(H)

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