Leaded Glass Window Sash, Diamond Pattern, 32" x 49 1/8"



This 2 lite window is comprised of a 28"(W) x 21"(H) panel of diamond patterned wavy leaded glass below a piece of modern non-wavy glass of the same size held in a quarter sawn oak sash. The upper pane has remnants of adhesive from lead came strips applied in a diamond pattern on both sides, once reflecting the actual leaded glass panel below. One side of the sash has a coat of weathered flaking off-white paint, while the opposing side has a dark stained natural finish highlighting the beautiful grain patterning of the oak.

Condition varies per window. One is in good condition, the other is missing a single pane from the leaded glass panel. The glazing putty may need replacement as it has degraded due to exposure to the elements.

This window was salvaged from the Kean Estate, a 17,000 square-foot mansion sat atop the highest point in Livingston, New Jersey. This Georgian style stone mansion was the original home of 10-term U.S. Congressman Robert W. Kean, father of former Governor Thomas Kean. This sprawling residence features 14 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and 15 fireplaces. The Kean Estate, and items from it, is featured on Episode 6, Season 11, of the DIY Network Show, "Salvage Dawgs".

Weight: 33 lbs.
Item Measurements (Not Including Hardware): 2.125(L) x 32(W) x 49 1/8(H)

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