LED Coffee Cup Sign, "Unwind"



Commercial LED light box sign featuring a coffee cup over the word "Unwind". This sign has a 5 1/4" thick aluminum housing box with black powder coat finish along the sides. The acrylic face of the sign is a light off-white color with black and red print. It is attached to the box with a black retainer. A 38 1/2"(L) x 7"(W) x 7"(H) aluminum raceway box is mounted to the back of the housing and holds the wiring and ballasts. A pair of brackets extend 3" from the top of the raceway for mounting. This sign is in good condition overall with minor wear in areas. The retainer may need replacement or repair, as it has been worn through in areas by the screws holding it in place. This was salvaged from a local coffee shop in Roanoke, Virginia. Weight: 45 lb. Item Measurements: 44(L) x 12 5/8"(W) x 51(H)

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