Recycled, Integrated and Welded Tool Sculpture 6 Foot Metal Horse by Andy Crouch



Tools and recycled metals have been artfully assembled, integrated and welded to form this incredible work of art. Full of strength and grace, the stallion stands 75" tall, or "18 hands" in equine terminology. the "Iron Horse" was crafted by artist Andy Crouch from recycled metal.

A perfect home or garden sculpture, or a unique gallery piece for an office or commercial foyer. The piece is both fun and ingenious, while relaying a statement of strength in collaboration. "The whole is other than the sum of the parts", Kurt Koffka

About the artist: Andy Crouch is an Illinois-based artist specializing in unique and industrial pieces. He brings his one-of-a-kind art to life by heating, cutting, hammering, forming, and welding random recycled materials together. He has a big heart, a unique imagination, and an ever-growing desire to create new works.

Weight: 275 lbs.
Item Measurements: 96(L) x 19(W) x 75(H)

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