Live Edge Ash Wood Tabletop 72(L) x 48.25(W)

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We made this piece in our Shop by joining two slabs of ash, adding a bowtie and filling any imperfections with black epoxy. It was finished with a catalyzed oil base finish.
Please note that this is a live edge top, the depth will vary. The depth of this slab varies between 44.50" and 48.25".
Ash wood is strong, durable and generally light in color, with a fairly straight grain. As a result of its strength and durability, ash wood has an array of uses but is commonly used in the making of tools, furniture and frames. On our pieces with a finished surface like this one, we have done our best to diminish any natural imperfections from the wood through planing, joining, and sanding. Please contact us for any additional details and photographs.
Weight: 185 lb. Item Measurements: 72(L) x 48.25(W) x 2.25(H).

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