Luxfer Amethyst Prism Architectural Glass, Lens Back, 12 Pane, Zinc Caming

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This a 12 lite panel of Luxfer Glass, held together by the original zinc caming. The tiles are a mix of Turtle Back and Wave designs.
This tile was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Luxfer Prism Company in 1897. The lens backs of the tile catch the light rays from the sides and direct these back into the room, adding daylight to the darkest areas of the room.
The manganese content used in glass created a chemical reaction by the sun causing it to turn an amethyst purple color, now known as Sun Glass. Each tile may have its different irregularities, minor cracks or chips, typical for glass aged over 100 years old.
Weight: 4 lbs.
Item Measurements: 12.5(L) x 16.25(H)

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