Vintage Medical Examination Table, Adjustable, Brass Stirrups, Seat, Storage



This beautiful, vintage medical examination table features a padded, adjustable top and a base full of storage and functionality. The table is composed of wood, with a beautiful, stained wood veneer. One end of the table houses a pair of slide-out stirrups, a flip-out seat and a slide-out step or examination platform.

The table top has a vinyl upholstered cushion that is fully adjustable. On one end of the table, a set of slide-out brass stirrups are housed beneath the cushion, with 3 drawers below. The top drawer conveniently houses a flip-out seat, the middle drawer is open, and the lowest contains an organizer insert. Also found below the bottom drawer is a pull out diamond plate metal step or exam platform for patients of different heights.
The opposite (head) end of the table houses a cabinet with 2 drawers.

Condition: This table is in good, sturdy condition with expected veneer and finish issues as expected with age and use in a busy family practice. Specifically, the veneer has delamiated in multiple areas, and will need repair. The door of this cabinet has delaminated significantly and will need repair.

Weight: 287 lbs.
Overall Measurements: 55.5(L- add 1" for hardware) x 26.5(W- add 6" for hardware) x 34(H)

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