Stall Door with Double Action Hinges and Chrome



23 ¾" x 60" oak bathroom stall door with 2 double action hinges, and a chrome pull. This door has a dark stain showing signs of wear from heavy use over time. Condition varies per piece; most flaws are cosmetic. Hardware varies per door, one has multiple locks, one has a single lock, and one is without. This door was salvaged from Wilson Hall, an American building on the campus of James Madison University (JMU), constructed as the centerpiece of the JMU quadrangle. The building is named for President Woodrow Wilson, a native of nearby Staunton, Virginia, and was dedicated on May 15, 1931. Wilson Hall initially served as the main administration building for the university and housed the president's office, the post office, classrooms (located on the second and third floors), and the first permanent auditorium on campus. It is also host to the annual holiday tree lighting. Weight: 20 lbs. Item Measurements: 23.8(L) x 2.25(W) x 60(H) .

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