Oak Pulpit, Mid Century Sanctuary Salvage, N Carolina Church, 50" Wide



This beautiful oak pulpit was salvaged from the sanctuary of a church in Greensboro, North Carolina. The 50" wide, tiered pulpit is made of oak veneer with plenty of storage, as well as functional and decorative detail.

The pulpit features a rich stain upon the oak veneer and a decorative, carved trim. The carving features scrolled foliage and grape clusters. 2 white semi-translucent panels are seated in rectangular cutouts on either side of the angled top, likely used for backlighting.

Functionality: The top of the pulpit is hinged, allowing the angle to be adjusted to suit individuals of different height. To help the host track the pace of the presentation, a decorative (currently non-functioning) clock is nested in a circular cutout on the upper right side of the pulpit A built in microphone cable is also included.

Storage: The back of the pulpit includes a large compartment with a single shelf.

Condition: This piece is in good condition with surface scuffs and scratches as expected with age and use. On the back side of the pulpit, a shelf is missing and a long piece of veneer has chipped from the lower far left side. An outlet is present in the lower compartment, but does not have a plug and has not been tested for functionality. If desired, lighting equipment will need to be installed as it is not currently present beneath the semi-translucent panels on the angled top.

History: This pulpit was salvaged from King's Cross Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. The church, originally called Parkway Baptist Church, served the community of Greensboro from 1956-1976. The first service was held on February 2, 1958. Within a few years, the church outgrew the first building and an educational building and sanctuary were added in 1963. The church proudly observed its 58th anniversary in 2018 and later merged with the King's Cross congregation.

Weight: 127 lbs.
Item Measurements: 50(L) x 20.25(W) x 47.25(H)

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