Vintage Oak Typesetter's Ledge, 6' Long, Hamilton MFg. Co.

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Oak typesetter's ledge manufactured by the Hamilton Manufacturing company. One side of this ledge has 2 angled work surfaces. The left side of the lower surface has wooden trim pieces, used as dividers for organizing typeset. The opposing side of the ledge has a single worksurface above a row of numbered slots with thin wooden dividers running the length of the unit. Due to years of use, the grain of the oak has begun to erode, resulting in a slightly rough work surface. The oak has a light stain that has darkened in areas of heavy wear. The steel side pieces are in good condition with minimal rust spotting.
This piece was salvaged from the former location of Roanoke Printing Company in downtown Roanoke, Virginia, as the circa 1929 building is prepared to be converted to lofts. It is in very good condition for a piece its age, with minor cosmetic scratches.
Weight: 88 lbs.
Item Measurements: 72(L) x 25 deep x 16.75(H)

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