Pair Pocket Doors, Tiger Oak, 3 Panel, Locking Pulls, 73" x 101.5"

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This pair of veneered tiger oak pocket doors feature a beautiful medium stain and beaded, locking pulls. Each door has 3 raised panels on the finished side with 2 panels on the painted opposing side. The gorgeous locking flush pulls have a satin brass finish with a bow shaped thumb turn and beaded trim. Together, the doors measure 73" wide and 101" tall.

Condition: Very good condition. The finish is excellent, with minor surface scuffs as expected with age and use. The flush pulls function well. The upper panels show a vertical seam split, likely due to shrinking due to the age of the wood. This seam split does not detract from the beauty of the doors, but could be refinished. The lower, outside corner of one door shows a 2" chip (photographed). This edge will most likely be hidden when the door is installed.

Weight (each door): 107 lbs.
Measurements (each door): 101.5(L) x.2.25(W) x 36.5(H)

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