Victorian Storefront Facade Surround Lexington Virginia Salvage 14ft x 14ft



This stunning Victorian wooden surround was salvaged from a storefront in Lexington, Virginia. It features a beautiful segmented arched header and16.5" wide pilasters. This surround is painted with a layer of light gray paint with a hint of pale green. The center panel of the header is coated in dark green paint. This lovely surround is a perfect feature to spruce up any façade!

This unit is currently broken down into 3 pieces;
* 2 pilasters measuring 16 ½" wide, with 3 panels each, varying in height between 146" and 153 ½".
* Header with 2 small panels and 1 large. The header measures 181 ½" wide with the cornice extending just over 1 ½" on the sides.

This surround has an interior measurement of 150"(W) x 146"(H) with an outer measurement of 184 ¾"(W) x 178 ¾"(H).

Condition: Good condition.Some work will be needed to restore this surround to full glory, as some rot is present at the ends of the components, and where they are joined.

History: This surround was salvaged from the storefront of a building in downtown Lexington, Virginia, as the owner prepares to convert the space to a multi-use venue.This component and others from the façade they were removed from were not original to the building from which they were salvaged. Unfortunately, we are not aware of the provenance of these pieces.The salvage of this storefront and items from it are featured on Season 10, Episode 3, of the DIY Network show, "Salvage Dawgs".

Weight: 351 lbs.
Item Measurements: 168.5(L) x 6.25(W) x 169.5(H)
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