Penitentiary Stone, Corbel with Rosette



Solid carved limestone corbel with 9" diameter highly detailed rosette above a tapered, capital-like, ornament. This stone was a lower component of a series of projecting arched window surrounds embedded in the façade of the now demolished Ohio State Penitentiary in Columbus, Ohio. A reference photo of the façade of the building is included above, with this corbel highlighted in red. The components below this corbel as seen in the photo are also available. See item EPENI2 for the ¾ round pilasters, and EPENI1 for the base. This stone is in good condition with minor chips along the edges and corners of the piece. Small pieces of the rosette have broken off. This stone was obtained in Columbus, Ohio, from a fellow salvager. This and other items from this outing, including a scaled down Eiffel Tower replica, are featured on Season 2, Episode 3, of the DIY Network program, "Salvage Dawgs"! Item Measurements: 48(L) x 40(W) x 30(H)

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