Pine Room Bar from Hotel Roanoke



U-shaped knotty pine bar from the Pine Room at the Hotel Roanoke. This bar has a 22" deep counter comprised of an 18" deep black granite countertop with a bullnose edge on a plywood sub top, with roughly 4" of sub top exposed along the back for a glass rail. The bar wall is constructed of plywood with a stained knotty pine front decorated with recessed panels. The countertop overhangs the bar front by 8". Along the bottom of the bar front is a 2" diameter steel round tube foot rail with brass support brackets, some of which are missing or broken, all coated in black finish. No cabinetry or under bar equipment is included with this assembly. The backing of the bar wall is plywood and shows deterioration along the bottom edges, more significant in some areas than others, from exposure to moisture over time. This bar is in good salvaged condition with scuffing, scratching, and general wear throughout as expected in a high traffic environment. The stain on the far-right end panel is patchy and darker than the rest of the panels and may need refinishing. The sub top along the back of the bar where the glass rail would go has water damage and may need reinforcing as it has begun to degrade in areas. A diagram with a detailed breakdown of dimensions has been provided in the above photos. Item Measurements (length and width may vary within a few inches when installed): 202(L) x 116(D) x 42.5(H)

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