Crane Porcelain Sink, 1950's County Jail Cell Salvage, Minimalist, Tiny House



This small sink was manufactured in 1953 by Crane, of the Trenton Potteries Company, in Trenton, New Jersey. Our team salvaged the sink from a 1950's era county jail in Lumberton, North Carolina. The 14" wide sink was designed with a sleek, functional design and streamlined elements, such as a built in faucet and soap dish.

The base of the sink shows the Trenton Potteries logo with the Model number 5301 and date of manufacture, "Feb. 25, 1955". The sink is made of vitreous china, an enamel coating applied to ceramics, particularly porcelain, after they've been fired. The coating makes the porcelain tougher, denser, and shinier.

The plumbing for this sink was designed to be hidden in the wall behind the sink to avoid tampering by inmates.

History: This sink was salvaged from the Old Lumberton County Jail in Lumberton, North Carolina. On the job, the team salvaged a holding cell, sinks and slate countertops. This salvage job was featured in Season 4 of the DIY network show "Salvage Dawgs", (Episode 3).

Condition: Very Good. Porcelain is in good, solid shape. Some glaze crazing and surface scuffs as expected with age and use.

Weight: 30 lbs.
Measurements: 14(L) x 12(W) x 16(H)

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