Vintage 1928 Porcelain Utility Sink, American Standard, Square 24" x 22"



This vintage porcelain utility sink was manufactured in 1928 by American Standard. It features a unique, almost square body with an 8 1/2" deep basin. The integral backsplash extends roughly 6" above the rim with a pair of 1-1/2" holes for faucet hardware.

Condition: This sink is in good condition for age and use. Surface scuffs, scratches, and markings are present along the perimeter of both the interior and exterior edges of the rim. A small chip in the enamel is present along the outer front of the rim. Both lower rear corners have small chips, with a hairline crack radiating from the right corner. A larger hairline crack is present along the top left corner of the backsplash.

Weight: 81 lbs.

Measurements: 24.13(L) x 22.38(W) x 15.25(H)

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